Visit a Bakery Before a Housewarming Party

If you've been invited to someone's housewarming party, it's appropriate to show up at the host's door with a gift. While some people buy items for the home or gift cards for this occasion, some people stipulate that they don't want large gifts. In this scenario, a good option to consider is buying fresh baked goods from your local bakery. If you have a favorite bakery that you visit multiple times a week, stopping to grab something will not only give your host a treat to enjoy but can also help to make them aware of the bakery's presence in the neighborhood. There are all sorts of baked goods that you can buy in advance of the housewarming party, but here are some good options.

Cinnamon Buns

A bag of fresh cinnamon buns can be an exciting housewarming gift because of their enticing nature. When someone sees this type of sweet treat, it's difficult to resist wanting to take a bite. The simple act of opening the bag will release the sweet smell of cinnamon into the home and make people gather. While your host may choose to serve your cinnamon buns at the housewarming party, they might also favor keeping these treats for their family to enjoy. If they still have a lot of work to do at their new home, they might like the idea of rewarding themselves with a cinnamon bun after each day of work.


While you might initially think of bagged or boxed cookies at the supermarket when you think about this sweet treat, it's important to know that your local bakery likely carries a selection of fresh cookies. Often, you can order and pick up a large platter of cookies. You'll typically have a selection of flavors from which to choose, and some of the cookies may have icing to give the platter a colorful look. Your host will be excited to see you standing on their front porch with a large platter of cookies that they can share with their guests.

Fresh Bread

Few things can make a house feel like a home as much as the smell of fresh-baked bread coming from the kitchen. Your host may not bake or may not have had a chance to bake since moving, so showing up with a loaf or two of fresh bread can be thoughtful. While they probably won't serve the bread at the party, they'll be able to use it in the days that follow for breakfasts and lunches for their family. Visit your bakery like Ruby Jean Patisserie to find these and other housewarming gift ideas.