Killer Grilled Barbecue Chicken Kaiser Roll Recipe

Kaiser rolls are thick and hearty pieces of bread that can be turned into a variety of delicious meals. The following grilled barbecue chicken recipe will maximize your kaiser roll flavor in an incredible way.

Preparing The Chicken Breast

First, you need to prepare the chicken by marinating it in a good barbecue sauce. This requires only a few steps, including the following:

  • Place your raw chicken breast in a large bowl
  • Pour barbecue sauce into the bowl until the chicken is completely covered
  • Flip the chicken and rub the sauce into the meat, wearing gloves to protect yourself against Salmonella
  • Put in the fridge for one hour to marinade before cooking

While the chicken is marinating, you can prepare your other ingredients using the procedures outlined below. When the hour has passed, grill the chicken on both sides until it is evenly brown and reaches an interior temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. If you like, you can brush it with extra barbecue sauce while it cooks.

Saute Your Veggies

For this recipe, you're going to use a variety of awesome veggies, such as jalapeno peppers, yellow bell peppers, red bell peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini. Make sure to clean all veggies under the faucet before de-seeding and saute using this procedure:

  • Heat one tablespoon of olive oil and butter in a large skillet
  • Stir in your veggies one type at a time, flipping them continually until they are soft
  • Cook veggies for at least five minutes and taste test one for firmness
  • If it is too firm, continue cooking, but remove from heat if it's easy to chew
  • Add salt, pepper, and paprika as it cooks for extra taste

Try to time your sauteing procedure to end about five minutes before you need to remove your marinating chicken. That five minutes should give you time to grill your roll and prepare to grill your chicken.

Grill The Roll

While your veggies are still sauteing, start grilling your kaiser rolls to save yourself a little time. Grilling any kind of bread is very easy, and its no different with kaiser rolls:

  • Cut the kaiser roll in half and cover each side of each half with a layer of melted butter
  • Place the bread on a grill and cook for about two to three minutes or until you see grill marks
  • Flip the bread and cook the other side
  • Quickly remove from the grill with a spatula, place on a plate, and spoon on your still warm sauteed veggies

Now move on to grilling your chicken to finish your recipe. It shouldn't take any more than 10-15 minutes to finish. Place your chicken breast on the kaiser roll, cut it down the middle to make two easily eatable halves, and dig in!

For more recipes and uses for delicious kaiser rolls, visit Klosterman Baking Company or your local bakery.